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Blister packaging material improvement

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Blister packaging material improvement

Since the adoption of blister packaging production, PTP aluminum plastic blister packaging used in the base material, the most common material to complete drug blister packaging polyvinyl chloride hard sheet (PVC hard sheet for short). Although many advantages, such as PVC is high quality and low price, but in the process of the production and use, has a bad effect on environment and living organisms, main factors are: 2 monomers such as vinyl chloride monomer polymerization of PVC, the preparation of PVC plastic additives, such as plasticizer, stabilizer, burning in the process of PVC products (such as dioxin hydrochloride).

Based on the influence of the above adverse factors, domestic has been successfully developed to PVC hard sheet as the base material, adding some high barrier polymer materials, such as PVC and PVDC composite, PVC and PE composite, PVC/PE/PVDC composite. A combination of rigid PVC plate, forming good as well as to the water, oxygen, carbon dioxide gas and all kinds of smells good barrier property, can satisfy the easy oxidation of easy deliquescence, drugs and part of Chinese traditional medicine need to retain the packaging requirements of odour, at the same time, the use of the composite plate still continue to use the original form of aluminum-plastic blister packaging, packaging equipment and technology.


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