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Blister packaging of milk tablets

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Blister packaging of milk tablets

Milk tablet, as a deep processed product of milk, is made of milk powder, plant milk powder, whey protein powder, sucrose and so on. It is a nutritious instant snack. At present, 90% of milk tablets are packaged with a flat blister package, which plays an important role in storage and transportation.

Flat blister Packaging, also known as Press Through Packaging (PTP), is to fill the contents into the blister through vacuum vacuuming (blowing) or molding, and heat seal the lid materials such as aluminum foil with the base material under a certain pressure, temperature and time. The main body of the lid material is 99% electrolytic aluminum foil made by calendering, which is the most used metal material in packaging. It is non-toxic and tasteless, and has excellent moisture-proof, gas resistance, taste retention and light shading, which can most effectively protect the quality of the contents. After single-side printing, the surface of aluminum foil is coated with a layer of protective agent, and the other non-printing surface is coated with a layer of adhesive for easy thermal bonding with the foam material. The main role of the protective layer is to prevent I aluminum foil surface oxidation and deterioration, protect the ink layer does not fall off to prevent aluminum foil in mechanical winding ink and inside adhesive contact and pollution content. The main function of adhesive is to meet the sealing performance of bubble cover packaging, which requires uniform coating on aluminum foil. Bubble cover material to PVC or PVDC hard sheet, although PVC in water vapor, gas and light barrier than PVDC has a significant gap, but win in the price advantage, for water oxygen light is not particularly sensitive to the content, "PVC+ aluminum foil "packaging barrier effect is enough.

Milk flakes are rich in protein and fat. If stored improperly, they are prone to oxidation and deliquescence, which will reduce their nutritional value and even produce peculiar smell and caking, affecting consumption. In order to ensure that milk tablets can have a longer shelf life to avoid the above problems, it is necessary to use high barrier packaging materials and excellent sealing process for protection.


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