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Blister packaging process

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Blister packaging process

The cavity of the blister pack is large or small, and its shape is different due to the shape of the packaged goods. There are some that are available and some that are not. And the type of blister packing machine is also more. Nevertheless, the basic principle of blister packaging is roughly the same, and its typical process is: sheet heating → film forming → filling product → placing substrate → heat sealing → trimming and trimming. The above process can be completed by manual operation, semi-automatic operation and automatic operation.

1. Manual operation. Plastic sheet blister pre-forming, substrate pre-printing drama and cutting; When packing, manually put the product into the bubble cap, cover the substrate, and then seal the bubble cap and the substrate together with a heat sealing clamor. Some products on the circulation environment temperature and humidity requirements are not high, can not be heat sealing, and stapler stapling.

2. Semi-automatic operation. The rolled or single sheet plastic sheet is fed into the semi-automatic blister packing machine, the machine operation is continuous or intermittent; The number of molding mold according to the size of the product and production, generally use a multi-column type; After forming and cooling the sheet, the product is loaded into the bubble cap by hand. The printed substrate in the form of reel or sheet is covered on the blister, and then heat sealed and trimmed to get the complete package.

3. Automated operation. In the case of automation, in addition to the above packing procedures, printing, packing instructions, packing and other procedures can also be linked to the production line. The rolling plastic sheet is conveyed forward; B. The thin sheet is heated and softened, and then compressed with compressed air in the mold or made into a blister by vacuum suction; C. Filling products with automatic feeding mechanism; Small test bubble cap forming quality and filling is qualified; D. In the fast automatic production line, when qualified photodetector products are often used, the waste signal is sent to the memory device, and the waste will be removed automatically after the edge cutting process is completed; E. The drum substrate material is covered on the filled bubble cap; F. The blister is sealed together with the substrate by plate or roller type heat sealing device; G. Print the number and date on the back of the substrate; H. Cut edges to form packaging pieces. If a rejection device is installed, the rejection is based on the signal stored by the memory device after the trimming process. This kind of automatic packing line is suitable for mass production of a single variety. It has the advantages of high productivity, low cost and in line with sanitary requirements.


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