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Blister packaging status quo

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Blister packaging status quo

Aluminum foil has been around since the early 20th century. Since the 1990s, aluminum foil production has entered a critical stage, not only the introduction of modern equipment, but also the production management and technical research level is increasingly modernized and international. In the first half of the 20th century, market competition and product homogenization accelerated the rapid development of packaging. The development of aluminum foil packaging and the development of the whole industry.

At first, aluminum foil packaging was mainly used to package medicine. All PVC paper and 0.02 mm thick tin foil are used for blister packaging. In western medicine, blister packaging has become the main means of packaging. Traditional plastics, oxides, capsules and spheres use a paper bag and are converted between a plastic bag that USES a simple plastic bottle and a glass bottle.

The report says photonics is the country's most important external means of packaging food and medical care. It says aluminum is printed industrially, using industrial materials, followed by adhesive. It also prevents the ink from being worn out on the surface and from being unearthed on the inside, where the ink and the binder will come into contact and become contaminated.

Aluminum foil also competes with other materials. Nylon, EVOH, compete with other enlightened polyester fibers. The latter is translucent and can be packaged with a plastic film that is competitive with PVC materials from the PIDC, which is cost-effective. Naturally, aluminizing technology is one of the main drivers of market competitiveness.


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