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Blister packaging technology for drugs

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Blister packaging technology for drugs

Product blister packaging refers to the product filled with drugs, through vacuum (suction) bubble or compression molding blister, using aluminum foil, under a certain pressure, under a certain temperature and time conditions, together with the base material heat sealed and formed. Blister packaging, also known as drug blister packaging, is one of the main forms of drug packaging, suitable for tablets, capsules, suppositories, pills and other solid preparations of mechanical packaging. The rise of blister packaging in China was as early as the 1930s, when the bubble packaging of drugs first developed vigorously in Europe and was gradually promoted and used in the world. Later, China introduced medical blister machinery and equipment, but still needed to import foam packaging materials such as aluminum foil. Until the foreign advanced blister packaging material production of aluminum coating printing production, first introduced the National Medical Products Administration Of Guangzhou Oriental aluminum foil Co., Ltd. to discuss the production of aluminum foil, then introduced the pharmaceutical company's industrial headquarters in eastern Japan metal "PTP" coated aluminum foil printing production, introduced the technology of testing equipment. China's mechanical industry has also introduced medical aluminum foil printing coating production equipment for mass production. At the time, China had to import all the raw materials used to make PTP, many tons a year, most of which were made of aluminum foil, monochrome or non-monochrome. China has been able to produce monochrome or multicolor aluminum foil printing equipment and colored wires for plastic and aluminum products used in pharmaceutical packaging. Aluminum-plastic packaging materials aluminum, aluminum foil printing ink, aluminum foil, aluminum foil and preservatives, PVC plastic and other materials were nationalised, drugs can satisfy the demand of domestic market, is the domestic pharmaceutical production license, blister blow molding packaging materials manufacturers, including large enterprises, due to the blister packing is the most widely used medicine, today one of the fastest growing packaging materials, the main form of solid preparation and pharmaceutical packaging in China, after 20 years of development, has from the initial introduction of equipment, technology and raw materials, equipment and raw materials self-sufficient, the development of pharmaceutical blister packaging will be more and more quickly.


Overview of pharmaceutical capsule packaging Materials, pharmaceutical capsule packaging aluminum foil: "PTP" aluminum foil surface has a protective layer/printing layer/printing layer/adhesive layer; The most basic components should be the protective layer, aluminum foil layer and adhesive layer. The coating used for blister plastic is essentially aluminum foil. The production of aluminum foil requires the combined action of printing machinery coating aluminum foil, mechanical cutting, machinery and packaging machinery to complete the entire production process.

In the pharmaceutical packaging material industry, the ex-factory aluminum foil is often called "original aluminum foil" or "original aluminum foil". Aluminum has the advantages of abundant resources, low price and convenient processing. Aluminum foil is a metal used in packaging medical products. Aluminum foil is non-toxic and tasteless, with good electrical conductivity and opaque light, very resistant to humidity, endurance and the odor of protective gas, can more effectively protect the packaging of drugs, packaging is a metal film can not be evaporated, also special aluminum coating can not be replaced. In the field of modern packaging binding, almost all soft packaging composite materials that need impervious to light or high barrier are made of aluminum foil as barrier layer. Because aluminum foil has the above advantages, light weight, high strength, good printing effect, can be printed on a variety of words or patterns. It is made into blister packaging, which can be broken when used under certain pressure. It is convenient for patients to carry and transport. It is widely used and has great development potential in the solid form of drug packaging.

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