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Blister packaging technology

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Blister packaging technology

Blister packaging, also known as Blister Packaging Eye, or PTP (Press ThroughPackaging) packaging technology, is one of the rapidly developing forms of drug packaging in recent years. PTP technology to heat and soften the plastic film and placed in the mold, or blow compressed air through a vacuum pump, so as to form blister medicine eyes, and then coated with glue aluminum foil medicinal under certain temperature and pressure conditions sealed to form a blister packaging. At present, pharmaceutical blister packaging has become the mainstream of tablet, capsule, pill and other solid dosage form packaging, the development momentum will continue. Blister packaging in our country the status quo of drug along with our country reform and opening-up and the deepening of the medical and health system reform, especially after China's entry into the WTO, the international pharmaceutical companies greater access to China, China's pharmaceutical industry competition, but also improve the technical level and quality of the whole industry, thereby giving impetus to the development of the pharmaceutical packaging, Domestic pharmaceutical packaging is becoming a very active branch with high technical content and remarkable benefits in the field of packaging, including solid dosage drugs are also constantly introducing new packaging. At present, the world's top 100 pharmaceutical companies in China, almost all set up joint venture or wholly owned pharmaceutical companies, not only to bring more drugs, but also to bring advanced drug packaging concepts and standards, but also to the form of drug packaging has brought diversification. China's pharmaceutical packaging blister form has developed rapidly in recent years. The demand for the simple structure and fast heat sealing speed of the device is increasing, and a variety of options are emerging, including intelligent robotic systems based on aluminum packaging that meet FDA requirements; At the same time, it also provides effective solutions for many small and difficult packaging products. China's pharmaceutical blister packaging materials in the past mainly rely on imports, and now, with aluminum foil and blister packaging of blister materials have been made, and to meet the needs of domestic pharmaceutical packaging; Made of the development of matrix vesicles gradually formed series, from the most widely used hard PVC film, PVDC film and cold aluminum plastic composite sheet forming and other composite materials; PTP also from aluminum foil or double-sided single-sided printing blank varieties, the development of single-sided or double-sided gold foil series, single-sided or double-sided color color series, double-sided monochrome or multi-color overprint varieties of dozens of series, there are hard PTP aluminum foil, there are soft PTP aluminum foil, so that foaming medicine can choose to cover more packaging.


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