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Blister packaging testing

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Blister packaging testing

PTP aluminum foil and hard PVC foil or PVC/PVDC composite materials used for blister packaging are in direct contact with drugs, requiring special attention to material analysis, and there are many national standards.

Tensile strength:

Test objective: During the use of solid medicinal low density polyethylene film bag, in addition to some external forces, the necessary mechanical properties are determined through the test to ensure that its mechanical properties meet the standards.

Test method: Tensile strength method refers to the tensile property index determined according to the test verification results. Generally, the longitudinal and transverse average tensile strength is not less than 10Mpa. The elongation at break method refers to the determination of the tensile properties of thin films with a thickness of less than 0.05mm and an average elongation of no less than 130% according to the test verification results. For thin films greater than 0.05 mm, the average longitudinal and transverse elongation at break shall not be less than 200%.

Test instrument: In industry, intelligent electronic traction tester is usually used.

Aluminum-plastic packaging has taken an important step in the production process. Therefore, a major impact test is conducted on PVC or PVC/PVDC plates. According to the size of the steel ball, the strength can be tested, the solid ball of plastic PVC board can be tested, the external impact damage of the material in the impact and whether the material is qualified.

Test method: 5 longitudinal and 5 crosscut, about 130mm in length and 60mm in width. The sample shall be calibrated under standard temperature and relative humidity and placed for more than 4 hours. The test sample shall be fixed in the ball impact test under such conditions. The ball shall be selected and highly concentrated, and the free ball shall be dropped. There should be no more than two longitudinal and transverse fracture sections.

Test instruments: Falling ball impact test instruments are usually used for industrial inspection.


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