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Blister packaging update

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Blister packaging update

It is predicted by the relevant department in the UK that blister drug packaging will have a big change in packaging form in the future, and other drug packaging forms such as container packaging will also be gradually transferred to blister packaging. Therefore, in order to get a better development of drug packaging, we must find out the current trend of the development of society, to ensure that China's drug packaging and the current form of packaging, so as to be further developed. Blister packaging can be updated from the following aspects.

Make sure the package matches the efficacy of the product. Prevent drug failure due to faulty packaging.

Ensure the convenience of medication for patients: Manufacturers should improve the convenience of medication for patients in memorized drug packaging.

Unique security packaging. That is, to ensure that the pharmaceutical packaging is corresponding to the development of medical technology, while ensuring the uniqueness of pharmaceutical packaging, patients can better remember the enterprise brand.

Environmental protection packaging, as long as the enterprise memorized drug packaging, to ensure that the drug packaging and the current theme of social development, to ensure that the packaging of mixed materials will not cause serious pollution to the social environment.

The development of nano-blister packaging, nano-material is now a new technology, the development of blister packaging material into nano-material is also an innovative development of pharmaceutical packaging.

High barrier packaging is realized, and reasonable form is adopted to prevent drug volatilization and failure.


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