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Blister packing machine blow molding

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Blister packing machine blow molding

Blister packaging machine blow molding is a kind of plastic processing, its main principle is the plastic film after heating soft, vacuum attached to the mold surface, cooling molding, widely used in plastic packaging, lighting, medicine and other industries.

Blister packaging products mainly include: flat blow molding box, also known as vacuum chamber, blow molding packaging equipment, pressure blow molding machine, etc.

The rigid transparent plastic sheet is transformed into a specific concave plastic by the blow molding process and placed on the surface of the product for protection and beautification.

The surface of the ordinary hard plastic film and a layer of soluble material are bonded together to make the surface of the tray soluble, so as to improve the quality of packaging.

Mold production blow plaster mold, the cost is lower, followed by galvanized copper template, the more expensive is aluminum template.

We often talk about blow molding, which USES a blow molding machine to absorb heat to soften the surface of the plastic frame and cool it to form a concave plastic shape.

Hot sealing: Adopt hot pressing sealing process. In the sealing process, the aluminum foil is also hot-pressed by the sealing machine and the blister box to form the sealing package.

Blow molding: After the plastic product has formed the desired packaging shape, a large size foil is cut into a product using a knife die.


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