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Blister packing machine delivery

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Blister packing machine delivery

Blister packaging machine is my company recently launched a new advanced equipment, suitable for all kinds of tablet, capsule pharmaceutical, chemical, light industry, food industry such as solid liquids aluminum-plastic blister packaging (aluminium), yesterday the delivery device is tailored for the customer the red insect blister packaging machine, our qc inspector before shipment carefully examined the rack installed with chassis, frame and plate, plate correction, cabinet installation, main shaft connection, box installed CAM, mesa of sheet metal and feeding roller, dragon framework installation, etc.

In addition to the basic content, the factory inspector also make the corresponding inspection, confirm that the customer required voltage, screen content, electrical box, lines, nameplate, toolbox, mold, open the machine more than 4 hours before test, check the box body with and without oil, the trachea pipe with and without leakage gas leakage, whether the machine to produce the sample with the customer confirmation, devices have the same ring, caton, etc.


The machine goes through door-to-door, scrubbing, pasted warning board, affixed nameplate, scaffolding, wrapped film, wooden box, pasted customer address, pasted do not put upside down warning and other work, logistics door-to-door delivery, smooth delivery to the customer's address, waiting for the customer to receive confirmation.


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