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Blister packing machine development type

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Blister packing machine development type

Blister packaging machine uses PVC sheet width of 170mm and 270mm, PVC bubble bubble sheet running speed up to 2m/rain, high blanking capacity up to 30 times /min, each station is intermittent movement. Heat sealing right upper and lower mold surface contact, in order to ensure the sealing quality, should have adequate temperature and pressure and sealing time, so the plate type blister packaging machine is easy to realize high speed, but the heat sealing consumed power is larger, sealing strong degree of sealing effect is good, suitable for small and medium-sized bulk drug packaging and special shape goods packaging. The biggest feature of the flat blister packing machine is that the bubble bubble stretching ratio is large and the bubble bubble depth is 35mm, which can meet the packaging needs of big honey pills and medical equipment.

At present, the plate type blister packaging machine have developed several types: some sealing device can be along the direction of PVC sheet reciprocating motion, at the same time of heat sealing by mouth CAM swinging rod sealing machine overall moves forward a workstation, rely on sealing clamp force to move the PVC sheet material and at the same time, sealing and step and finish at the same time, Make the stepping accuracy heavy high; There are models in the blanking device transmission and molding, heat sealing transmission is separate, can improve the blanking rate, up to 60 times /min above.


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