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Blister packing machine factory and unpacking

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Blister packing machine factory and unpacking

1. The equipment is installed and fixed on the wooden frame when leaving the factory. After unpacking, please lift the equipment with a forklift or special tools. Do not use wire rope to lift, so as not to damage the protective cover. After hoisting, remove the fastening wire, remove the wooden frame, install the special machine foot, and put the equipment down smoothly.

2. When unpacking the case, check whether the machine is complete and whether there is any damage during transportation (check the accessories according to the packing list).

3. The machine should be placed horizontally in the room without installing foot screws. It is best to pad at the foot of the rubber board of about 12mm, lest after using for a long time, cause damage to the floor and shift. Equipment should be thoroughly cleaned, with a soft cloth with some detergent, wipe the surface of oil and dirt, dry with a soft cloth. Installation environment: Temperature :18℃-26℃, humidity :45% Rh-65% RH.

4. For safe production, the ground wire must be connected to the designated position according to the ground mark.

5. Equipped with professional personnel for the operation and maintenance of the machine. Operators should be trained, fully understand the use of the manual, master the basic knowledge of the machine structure and use methods before operating the machine. In the use of the process, the operator is required to learn, until proficient in the operation, and do good maintenance.

6. Gearbox should be filled with sufficient (15-20 #) oil. (Note: each CAM box includes feeding eccentric and worm gear reducer for refueling.) The maximum liquid level of the CAM must reach the oil level. Each rolling bearing shall be lubricated at least once a year (lubricated before delivery).


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