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Blister packing machine packaging requirements

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Blister packing machine packaging requirements

China's laws have made more and more strict restrictions on product packaging, and put forward higher requirements on packaging labeling and printing. In the industry standard of pharmaceutical blister packaging machine, the packaging machine must have a batch number device. Packing machine printing generally adopts punch molding method to print out the production date and batch number. Batch number can be made in separate station, can also be with heat sealing, indentation in the same station.

Indentation A piece of aluminum-plastic packaging medicine may be suitable for multiple use, for ease of use, can be pressed on a piece of easily cracked broken marks, the piece can be easily broken into a number of small pieces by hand, each small piece for a single dose.

Blanking will be sealed after the ribbon packaging finished products blanking into the specified size (that is, the size of a piece) known as the blanking process.

In order to save packaging materials, it is hoped that both sides of the longitudinal or transverse punching knife are required parts of each piece of packaging, and the remaining edge of punching can be reduced as far as possible, because the remaining edge of punching can not be reused, but can only be discarded. Due to the sharp edge of the packaging after blanking, the four corners are often needed to be rounded to prevent injury. After blanking the finished product, the remaining edges and corners are still banded, which are collected by a separate roller rod on the machine.


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