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Blister packing machine station adjustment

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Blister packing machine station adjustment

Stop the machine, put the batch number printing into the printing mold, set the temperature of the printing batch, and then connect the machine to adjust the printing mold. The lock box is indented at the bottom and the mould's hand rotates the steering wheel, depending on the adjustment level, so that the bubble hood is approximately aligned with the hole in the mould. If the blister position and indentation position are out of alignment, align the lower die on the blister. Loosen the pressing screw from the lower die, adjust it back and forth, and lock the pressing screw after adjustment.

Adjust the mold to control the pressure according to the pressure state mark of the pressing plate, increase the break point of the mold and adjust the position of the nuts on the upper and lower surfaces, so that the distance between the four nuts is still on the same plane, the upper and lower surfaces of the mold retaining plate are approximately 1 mm. Lock the ball nut, observe the indentation effect, and readjust the reserved space until the indentation knife cut clear.

First adjust the blanking cutting body to make the cutting position approximately accurate.

To adjust the die pressure, loosen the screws on the clamping plate. Adjust left and right to ensure that the die position is consistent with the plate position and the clearance is uniform. After the normal adjustment of all molds, the production can only be carried out under the normal condition of no vehicle and bubble cover. After the end of production, press the stop button on the screen to turn off the power, close the air inlet valve and water inlet valve, and close the production.


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