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Blister packing sealing material

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Blister packing sealing material

At present, China's pharmaceutical bubble cover packaging sealing material (also known as cap material) are using aluminum foil (PTP aluminum foil), which requires mildew free, corrosion resistant, impermeable, heat, moisture, light resistance and high-temperature sterilization performance, its commonly used thickness is 0.02mm. Reviewing the development trend of PTP packaging in international PTP packaging market and western countries with advanced technology, the production of pharmaceutical blister packaging and sealing materials in China should be strengthened in the following aspects.

1) Use diversified materials. Blister packaging aluminum foil can choose hard aluminum foil, soft aluminum foil, composite materials and special requirements of coated aluminum foil.

2) Diversified functions. Bubble cover packaging aluminum foil in addition to a wide range of applications can touch broken covering aluminum foil, but also should vigorously develop easy to uncover and suitable for children's safety packaging and those under pressure goods packaging stripping aluminum foil, and both suitable for children's safety protection is also convenient for the elderly to open the stripping - touch broken aluminum foil.

3) Anti-counterfeiting aluminum foil. Can use ink printing anti-counterfeiting, laser holographic dark lines anti-counterfeiting and layout anti-counterfeiting, especially in the packaging pattern design implanted hidden structure and increase anti-counterfeiting features, not only can do easy to identify, and do not need to increase the cost of printing, so that the packaging products can not or difficult to imitate the characteristics.

4) Special protective aluminum foil. This kind of aluminum foil is covered on the drug packaging. Not only can effectively protect the properties of special drugs, but also aluminum wine itself will not be corroded and damaged by the relevant substances in drugs.

5) Aluminum foil suitable for single drug and bar code identification. Single drug packaging will be popularized, drug packaging industry will adapt to the future of strip coding, bubble cover packaging must develop new aluminum foil to adapt to this trend.

6) Strengthen environmental protection. The use of PTP aluminum foil as the bottom sealing material of bubble cover packaging, there are still unresolved problems, it reduces the recyclability of packaging materials, which from the environmental protection requirements of drug packaging, obviously need to develop more favorable sealing materials, such as achieving full plastic packaging sealing.


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