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Blister wrapped aluminum foil

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Blister wrapped aluminum foil

PTP aluminum foil can be divided into tactile aluminum foil, peeled aluminum foil and peeled aluminum foil according to the use; Aluminum foil materials are divided into rigid aluminum foil, flexible aluminum foil and composite materials. The characteristics of aluminum foil can be divided into preventing forgery, protecting children's safety, protecting children's safety and the comfort of the elderly, special protection aluminum foil, etc.

Aluminum contact rupture: aluminum plating more extensive, may not be easy, can be soft, the general thickness of 15 meters to 30 meters, its basic structure and hot ball aluminum/said, PVC, PP(polypropylene) polystyrene, polyester (PET), (), PE(polyethylene) and other composite materials and sealed cover, good air tightness.

Strip aluminum foil: Flat and flat aluminum foil is basically impervious to air, such as aluminum foil error is large, contact with different thermal seal resistance and matrix is not too high, easy to deseal can only be closed by composite materials, its basic structure is mantle thermal seal tape paper /PET / /; PET/AL/ thermal seal layer; Paper/aluminum/heat seal layer, its heat resistance need not be minimum, suitable for children's safe packaging and decompression packaging items.

Peeling and touching aluminum foil: The packaging is mainly used to protect children, convenient for the elderly to open. The prescription method is to peel the PET film or composite paper /PET onto the aluminum foil, and then contact with the aluminum foil to get the medicine.

Anti-counterfeiting aluminum foil: in addition to double-sided overprinting aluminum foil surface, paper printing, liquid printing, material or special form of special machinery PTP aluminum foil, commonly known as aluminum foil, generally allow ink printing, laser holographic release, labeling and intelligent design, the company has certain interests protection.

Special thin aluminum film is mainly used for packing special goods and utensils. It can not only effectively protect the strip packaging, but also prevent the corrosion and damage of the aluminum layer to the volatile acid of database, container and other related substances. Its basic structure is the protective layer/aluminum/special coating/heat seal, protective layer/aluminum/high barrier/heat seal.


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