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Brief introduction to the development of capsule filling machine

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Brief introduction to the development of capsule filling machine

The preparation of hard capsules is generally divided into the preparation of filling drugs, capsule filling, capsule polishing, packaging and other processes. Among them, the capsule filling is the key step. The development of the capsule filling machine has gone through three times, the first is manual filling equipment, then semi-automatic capsule filling equipment, and then developed to automatic capsule filling equipment.

Manual capsule filling is generally used for small batch production, the production process is completely manual operation, the production process needs a lot of human input, the production efficiency is low, the sanitary conditions are difficult to meet the national GMP regulations, basically has been eliminated. The production process is as follows: the granular drug is laid on an appropriate plane, the knife is spread into a uniform powder layer and pressed tightly, the thickness is about 1/3 ~ 1/4 of the capsule body, and then the capsule mouth is inserted into the powder layer, so that the powder is embedded in the capsule, pressed several times until the capsule is filled. Due to the low efficiency of manual filling, the sanitary conditions can not reach the national standard, the production mode is backward, and can not meet the large demand of the market. Therefore, with the development of science and technology, it is gradually replaced by semi-automatic capsule filling machine and automatic capsule filling equipment.


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