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Bubble cover machine forming method

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Bubble cover machine forming method

Molding is an important process of the whole packaging process, bubble cover molding methods can be divided into the following four.

blister forming (negative pressure forming). Vacuuming was used to suction the heated and softened film into the alveolar fossa of the forming pancreas into a certain geometric shape, so as to complete the formation of the alveolar fossa. Blister molding generally adopts roller mold, forming bubble cover size is small, simple shape, bubble cover stretching is not uniform, the top is thin.

Blow molding (positive pressure molding). Compressed air is used to blow the heated and softened film into the bubble cover socket of the molding mold to form the bubble cover with the required geometric shape. The forming bubble cover wall thickness is relatively uniform, the shape is quite broad, can be formed with large size bubble cover. Blow molding is mostly used for plate molds.

Punch auxiliary blow molding. With the help of the punch will be heated to soften the film into the mold cavity, when the punch is completely pressed, through the compressed air, so that the film is close to the inner wall of the mold cavity, complete the molding process. The punch size is about 60%~90% of the mold cavity. The bubble cover with uniform wall thickness, wide edges and corners, large size and complex shape can be obtained by reasonable design of punch shape and size, punch pushing speed and distance. Punch auxiliary molding is widely used in flat plate blister packaging machine.

The convex and concave die is formed by cold stamping. When the packaging material is rigid, the hot forming method obviously cannot be applied, but the convex and concave die cold stamping method, that is, the convex and concave die is closed, the diaphragm is formed, in which the air is discharged from the exhaust hole in the forming die.


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