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Capsule filling machine and vacuum feeder

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Capsule filling machine and vacuum feeder

As a typical equipment of pharmaceutical enterprises, automatic capsule filling machine is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. It can circulate in the process of automatic capsule transmission, capsule seeding, filling and sealing, etc. Therefore, the relationship between motion accuracy and mechanism is very high, and its kinematic and dynamic performance is related to the performance of the whole machine.

Solid preparation in domestic production, most outside the capsule filling machine can be use the stairs down to powder or other methods, with the vacuum feeder method for cylinder rise to add filling materials, machine of the second kind of method is different, the recent active feeding machine technology mature, workshop limit control structure, the applicability of the vacuum feeder will show positive.

The charging method of active vacuum charging machine and barrel rising charging machine is to overcome the deficiency of manual climbing charging method. In tundish as mixed mixed powder need a barrel storage capsule filling, there is a revolving barrel must be stored powder and fill in the feeding tube, the original method of artificial ladder down is expected to form a cloud of dust, clean up the scene, equipment, operators, etc., clean air, clean environment, also will be extremely adverse to operators. At the same time, the workplace and work equipment is not easy to clean, installation of filtration and purification system is easy to filter infarction or damage to form adverse consequences, purification level decline. In the manual stair climbing filling method, the operator of the capsule filling machine spends much time on transportation and stair filling, which results in time waste and very tight rest time.

Therefore, the combination of vacuum feeder and capsule filling machine will be the development trend of capsule filling in the future.


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