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Capsule machine loading volume adjustment and production

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Capsule machine loading volume adjustment and production

The volume adjustment and production are as follows (pharmaceutical) :

(1) Move the filling part to a very low position, then loosen the lower nut of the hand wheel on the upper part of the filling, and adjust the hand wheel. The smaller the amount shown in the window, the lighter the loading quantity. The first set of filling rods should be adjusted to the under-plane of protruding metering plate by eye observation, and then the nuts should be fixed. The sixth group is adjusted to the upper plane of the metering plate 1 mm lower, the fourth group is 1-2 mm lower than the filling rod of the fifth group, and so on... . If the weight is too light (Group 1 and Group 6 will not be adjusted), the other four groups can be fine-tuned.

(2) Enter the manual page and add the capsule and powder into the capsule bucket and powder bucket respectively.

(3) Click the capsule switch and the vacuum pump, click the button of the electrical box to make the capsule separately run for three stations, and then click the feeding switch in the touch screen to add the powder until the sensor turns red.

(4) Enter the automatic page, adjust the frequency to between 40Hz-50Hz, and click the Run button. When the machine runs for about 10-15 minutes, it is picked up and weighed, and the weight is checked to see if it is stable.

(5) When the machine is running, do not use the brush to clean the dust around the rotary table. Do not touch the moving part of the machine with your hands. Pay attention to personal safety to prevent injury.


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