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Capsules production equipment

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Capsules production equipment

The filling of the drug is the most critical step in the manufacturing process of preparing the capsule.

1. Treatment of drugs

(1) small dose of drugs or fine material drugs can be directly crushed into fine powder, through the six sieve, after mixing and filling.

(2)large dosage of drugs can be partially crushed into fine powder, the rest of the medicinal materials extracted into thick paste and drug powder after mixing, drying, grinding, screening, mixing after filling. All the medicinal materials can also be extracted and concentrated into an extract, and then add appropriate auxiliary materials to make small particles, and then dry and mix and fill.

(3) volatile oil should first be absorbed with absorbent or other drug powder in the prescription after filling, or after filling.

(4) The drugs that are easy to be wet or eutectic after mixing can be diluted with an appropriate amount of diluent and then filled.

(5) loose drugs are generally made into granules and filled.

(6)Anesthetics, poison drama drugs should be added to the appropriate amount of diluent after filling, powder is generally pelleted after filling, can improve the fluidity of powder.

2. drug filling method: usually small amount of preparation, teaching training, by hand filling. In mass production (pharmaceutical production and preparation), automatic filling machine is mostly used at present. The filling of capsule preparation is divided into manual capsule dispensing machine, automatic filling machine and semi-automatic filling machine.


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