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Cardboard blister packing machine

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Cardboard blister packing machine

Requirements: the equipment can automatically complete the foaming box forming, stamping, cutting, foaming box transition, automatic feeding, paper card automatic distribution, heat combination, finished product transportation, blanking and other functions.

Technical and quality standards requirements:

(1) The working efficiency of the equipment is set at 20 frequencies per minute. Replacement of feeders, templates and other parts of the same specifications will not affect the accuracy of the equipment, ensure the stable operation of the equipment, meet the technical requirements of the production process.

(2) The equipment adopts Japanese oil-free self-lubricating vacuum pump, imported cylinder and electrical components to improve the stability of the equipment.

(3) The equipment has PVC slicing, feeding, cutting, paper card and other functions.

(4) The equipment adopts human-machine interface and PLC control system. The equipment has functions of counting, starting code, fault alarm (alarm lamp), maintenance alarm (alarm lamp) and so on.

(5) Easy to clean residues.

(6) Each manipulator should be installed on the equipment correctly.

(7) Provide paper card, sheet, packaging materials and other raw materials for the testing machine.

(8) Spare parts, accessories and special tools are randomly allocated according to the quantity shown in the attachment list.


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