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Characteristics of capsules

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Characteristics of capsules

A capsule is a preparation containing a drug in the form of a capsule by dose. Gelatin is usually the main material of capsule, sometimes to change its solubility or to achieve intestinal solubility, etc., there are also methyl cellulose, calcium alginate, modified gelatin, PVA and other polymer materials. The capsules mask the drug's unpleasant smell and are easy to swallow. To improve the stability and bioavailability of drugs; It also regulates and localizes drug release and can compensate for other widely used solid formulations. No drug should be made into a capsule because it is soluble in bagged material, wears away easily, and is very irritating.

Characteristics of capsule:

1. It can mask the odor of a drug or improve its stability. To be isolated from the outside world, to avoid the influence of moisture, air and light, and to have a certain degree of shielding, protection and stability for odorous or unstable drugs;

2. Improve the bioavailability of drugs. In the capsule, the drug is directly loaded into the capsule shell in the state of powder or particle, without the influence of pressure and other factors. Therefore, the drug will be quickly dispersed, dissolved, absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, and bioavailability will be higher than pills, tablets and other forms in the pharmaceutical company. The decomposition time of capsule is generally less than 30 minutes, and that of pill and tablet is generally less than 1 hour.

3, can compensate for the lack of other forms of solid formula. Drugs or liquid drugs with high oil content are difficult to be prepared in pill or tablet form, but can be prepared in capsule form;

4. Drug release and local drug release can be delayed. This product can be made in the form of sustained-release capsules as required to achieve the sustained-release effect.


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