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Classification and function of packaging

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Classification and function of packaging

According to the purpose of packaging, packaging can be divided into (sales packaging) and (transport packaging); According to the change of container shape, it can be divided into (hard packaging) and (soft packaging).

What is packaging? What are the functions of packaging?

In order to protect products in the process of circulation, convenient storage and transportation, promote sales, according to the overall name of the container, material and auxiliary used by certain technical methods, but also refers to the use of containers, materials and auxiliary in order to achieve the above purpose of applying certain technical methods in the process of operation activities. Packaging includes two meanings: one is the general name of packaging containers, materials and auxiliary things, and the other is the operation process of packaging articles.

The main functions of packaging are; 1) Accommodate and protect the product; 2) Convenient storage and transportation (providing convenience); 3) Convey information; 4) Promote sales

What are the components of the packaging machinery? What are its characteristics? Components of packaging machinery:

1, power machine and frame 2, packaging materials, containers finishing and delivery system 3, packaging (products) measurement and delivery system 4, packaging actuator 5, transmission system 6, control system

Its characteristics are: 1, wide variety 2, fast replacement 3, low motor power 4, versatility


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