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Classification of blister packaging machines

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Classification of blister packaging machines

Blister packaging machines are classified according to the following principles: roller blister packaging machine, flat type blister packaging machine and roller plate type blister packaging machine.

(1) the roller type

Because the forming, closing, and surface bubbles of the grain roll strip are all wound around the rollers in their operations and the bubbles are formed, they are not suitable for the larger, deeper, and more complex, as well as the smaller volume of the pharmaceutical packaging. In addition, because the roller formed by vacuum negative pressure, the thickness of uniform thin and mouth foam is very small, and the forming speed should not be too high, so the working frequency of the machine cannot be too high; Generally speaking, the frequency of stamping is 30-40 times per day, which affects the application of stamping to some extent. However, drum machines are simple, easy to synchronize, reliable and economical. The simple form of the drum works well and the packaging is more effective if used only in the packaging of medicines or similar medicines.

(2) the plate type

For forming and closing, the flat mold has the following advantages: beautiful bubble cover, uniform wall thickness, good gloss and transparency; Blister plate flat, not bent; The layout of the sheet is flexible, adapt to the size change of the sheet, and the forming area is large; A larger tensile ratio can be obtained with the same thickness of film (more than 35mm forming depth can be obtained with bubble plug). The complex shape of the plug can be formed by a combination of positive stamping techniques (with punch and gas pressure) so that the plug can be formed in the same process. In addition, the filling position of the platform is large, and a variety of filling mechanisms can be installed at the same time, which is convenient for multiple drugs to pack on a board, expand the range of filling and improve the grade of filling.

(3) the roller plate type

The roller is formed by positive pressure blow molding, with uniform wall thickness and compact profiles. The drum seal has good sealing and packing quality; The serpentine layout of the machine makes the layout of the whole machine compact and harmonious, the outline size is moderate, easy to observe and operate. Change. In addition, this machine mussel is simple, fast and easy to solve smoothly, step by step stamping and frequency can be readily solved, so as to meet a variety of product packaging, stamping and frequency can reach 100 times per minute. However, due to the use of a sheet forming mechanism for the roll type, the structure of the machine is relatively complex. In addition, all control systems are highly automated, which requires a degree of operator action.

Packaging cast iron roll factory production facilities and molding roll board have two major benefits, so the most common, can be used in the specification of sugar-coated tablets, packaging, capsules, tablets, capsules and special-shaped small packaging food used in chocolate, chewing gum, 16 mm in diameter but tablets, capsules never suitable for the use of such packaging equipment Angle.


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