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Classification of capsule filler machines

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Classification of capsule filler machines

Automatic capsule filling machine can be divided into intermittent motion and continuous motion according to the motion state. For the intermittent motion filling machine, the influence of filling position on the quality of capsule filling cannot be ignored. For example, the fourth station is a volumetric device for filling small, pressure-free particles. During the equipment validation process, GMP certification must be created from two aspects: first, the volume and consistency of each compartment is mistakenly manufactured in parallel; On the other hand, the volume change of each compartment is in the production debugging; On the other hand, the physical properties of particles, such as particle fluidity, particle size distribution, viscosity, gravity, roundness, etc.

The failure of automatic capsule filling machine cannot be eliminated, and the work place will affect the filling quality. When capsule manufacturers use automatic capsule filling machine to produce capsules, more or less they will encounter the following situations: if the capsule cannot be separated; Drooping head and tail; The emptying of the capsule; Excessive load difference; Finished export bearing plug, close, waste bag removal, etc.

In such cases, the equipment operator may be provided with a solution or the equipment manufacturer may be contacted to ensure the safe production of the capsule. Take the head and lower part of the sac. If that happens, technicians say, the problem with a capsule itself can be fixed by replacing the capsule. In addition, the operator can see if the height of the thimble needs to be adjusted to increase the working area of the capsule.

Filling, intermittent, frequency conversion and other characteristics, suitable for filling, sorting, filling, sealing (waste bag treatment), finished product export, etc. It is worth mentioning that the machine is also equipped with personal and machine safety protection devices, computer control, CVT adjustment, digital display and so on, so that customers operate the machine more convenient.


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