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Classification of capsules

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Classification of capsules

Capsules are generally divided into hard capsules, soft capsules (capsules), sustained-release capsules, controlled-release capsules, enteric-coated capsules, etc.

1. Hard capsules (capsules): gelatin capsules, such as uniform powder, particles, tablets, tablets, semi-solid or liquid, mixed by drugs or excipients and appropriate excipients, shall be filled into the hollow capsules according to the appropriate preparation process.

2. Soft capsule: refers to the capsule made by directly dissolving or dispersing a certain amount of liquid drug capsule, or dissolving or dispersing solid drug in appropriate auxiliary agent, or dissolving in solution, suspension, emulsion or semi-solid, and sealing it in the soft capsule material. Soft capsules, also known as gelatin capsules, can be prepared by drip irrigation or extrusion.

3. Sustained-release capsules: the capsules that release drugs slowly but not constantly in the prescribed sustained-release medium.

4. Controlled release capsule: refers to the capsule that releases the drug slowly and uniformly in the prescribed release medium.

5. Enteric-coated capsules: hard capsules filled with particles covered by enteric-coated substances, or hard capsules or soft capsules made of appropriate enteric-coated substances.


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