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Classification of capsules

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Classification of capsules

Capsule is divided into soft capsule and hard capsule commonly, hard capsule has gelatin capsule and plant capsule again cent.

The hard capsule is composed of two exquisitely processed capsule shells. Capsules come in different sizes, including capsule Numbers 000#, 00#, 0# -5 #. The printed text can also be coloured on the capsule to give a unique and personal feel.

One part of the capsule body has a tapered edge, allowing the capsule to be gently encapsulated in a high-speed filling machine. Double closed loop system can make the capsule sealed before filling and completely sealed after filling.

The capsule is also designed to include permeable holes to prevent unnecessary air pressure entering the capsule during the high-speed filling process, resulting in a reaction. Plant capsule is a hollow capsule made of plant cellulose or water-soluble polysaccharide to meet the needs of preparation and localization of the capsule.

It retains all the advantages of standard hollow capsules: easy to take, good masking of taste and smell, transparent and visible content, etc., and higher content than traditional gelatin capsules.


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