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Classification of packaging machinery

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Classification of packaging machinery

The most commonly used classification method is according to the packaging process to the classification, can be divided into direct packaging machine and auxiliary packaging machine. Packaging machinery that completes packaging operations such as packaging, filling and filling is called main packaging machinery or main packaging machinery; The packaging machinery engaged in cleaning, drying, testing, sealing, measuring, transportation, stacking is called auxiliary packaging machinery.

Packing machine: The packing machine is used for product packing. According to different technology, it can be divided into kink packing machine, pillow packing machine, folding packing machine, envelope packing machine, horizontal packing machine, etc.

Packing machine: Packing machine is used to pack powder or particle into solid goods. There are two kinds of filling machines: direct filling machines and bag making machines. The direct filling machine is made of preformed paper or plastic bags and can be directly filled into other containers. Bag-making machine is a packaging machine that wants to complete the molding with one container and complete two filling processes of the product within the container.

Filling and packaging machine: filling and packaging machine for liquid and semi-liquid packaging. According to the filling process, it can be divided into atmospheric filling machine, vacuum filling machine, pressure filling machine and so on. Filling and packaging machines are usually connected with sealing and marking machines to form filling and filling lines.

Sealing machine: this machine is suitable for sealing all kinds of packages. According to the different sealing technology, it can be divided into glass jar sealing machine, cloth bag opening sewing machine, box sealing machine, plastic bag sealing machine and paper bag sealing machine.

Marking machine: A marking machine is a machine used to paste paper or labels on packages.


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