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Classification of tablets

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Classification of tablets

Ordinary tablet: A tablet mixed with an excipient, usually taken with water.

Capsule: A piece used to line the cardiac membrane. The purpose of coating is to improve the stability of the drug in the tablet, cover up the odor of the drug, improve the appearance of the tablet and so on.

Sugar-coated tablets refer to tablets made from sugar-coated materials.

The coated film refers to the flake of subcontracted polymer film;

Enteric-coated tablets refer to the insoluble gastric juice which is outsourced, but the soluble long-leaf tablets are used to prevent gastric juice damage and gastric irritation.

Multilayer tablet: Tablet consisting of two or more layers (different ingredients, formulations, or colors) to improve appearance or regulate duration of action, or to reduce exposure to two layers of medication, or to reduce changes in compatibility, etc. Tablets may be divided into two or more layers from top to bottom, or several layers, concentrated outside.

Chewable tablet: Tablet swallowed after chewing. These tablets are best for young children; they don't swallow them. Baby tablets need proper sugar and spices to improve the taste. These tablets are also suitable for drugs that are well compressed and do not break down easily, such as bismuth aluminum tablets, aluminum hydroxide tablets, etc. This product is easy to be absorbed, and can be spread in a large area after chewing, with the best effect.

Solution tablets refer to tablets that can be orally taken for other purposes and have a quick effect after being dissolved with water before use, such as aspirin solution tablets; For other special purposes, such as mercury and quaternary ammonium tablets for oral disinfection of toxic drugs, it should be noted that they should not be taken.

Effervescent Pill: Pill containing dissolved effervescent water that, in contact with water, usually produces gas (carbon dioxide) that causes rapid desorption. Often used for tablets of soluble drugs such as vitamin C.

Dispersible tablets: These tablets are placed in hot water to dissolve and disperse rapidly in water, as in a suspension.

Long-acting tablet: A tablet whose effects are prolonged by the slow release of a drug.


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