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Clean the parts of the capsule machine

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Clean the parts of the capsule machine

Cleaning of dose plate and filling rod:

1. Rotate the shaft of the main motor with the handle to make the filling rod in a high position, loosen the cover nut and rotate the knob clockwise to make the plate filling gripper rise, lift and take down.

2. Loosen the small pressing plate screw with a long hole under the gripper, and remove the filling rod.

3. Unscrew the fastening screws at both ends of the powder holding ring cover plate, then remove the powder holding block plate, loosen the four fastening screws that fix the powder holding ring, slowly lift the powder holding ring and the cover plate away from the dose plate and take them out together from the side without removing the filling rod plate seat.

4. Use a special wrench to remove the three screws fastening the dose disc, and then remove the dose disc and the sealing ring.

5. Wipe the removed parts in purified water with clean cloth repeatedly, so that there is no visible attachment on the surface, rinse with purified water for three times, and then clean the cloth with purified water and dry it. The dose plate and filling rod were washed again with 75% alcohol and special brush, and then dried.


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