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Cleaning of capsule filling machine

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Cleaning of capsule filling machine

Fully automatic capsule filling is a new product independently developed by our factory based on the original technology and absorbing the advantages of similar international products. The machine has strong production capacity, accurate filling volume, good adaptability to drugs and hollow capsules, stable operation and high degree of automation. The machine has beautiful appearance, fine technology, convenient operation and easy to use. The defective capsules can be taken out automatically, and the drugs in the defective capsules can be recovered and reused, which increases the economic benefit.

After automatic capsule filling, how to clean the automatic capsule filling machine? The following is a brief description of the cleaning method:

1) Detergent, disinfectant: drinking water, purified water, 75% ethanol.

2) Cleaning tools: cleaning cloth, vacuum cleaner, brush, basin, etc.

3) Cleaning frequency: after each batch of production; Continue production after each shift; Cleaning and disinfection before and after production; When the variety, specification and batch number are changed, they should be cleaned. Equipment should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after maintenance.

4) Cleaning method: According to the cleaning sequence of disassembly and assembly, first clean from the inside, then clean from the outside, first clean from zero, and then clean from the whole:

Cleaning procedures for similar products :(1) clean the residual powder in the filling module of the equipment with a vacuum cleaner first, then clean it with a soft brush; (2) Remove the powder rod, dosage and powder bucket and bring them into the clean room. Wash them with drinking water, then clean them with pure water and dry them with dry cleaning cloth. Wipe with 75% ethanol wet cloth for disinfection; (3) Use pure water to wipe and clean the parts of the equipment in direct contact with drugs. After drying the equipment with dry cleaning cloth, clean and disinfect with 75% ethanol wet cloth; Wipe the glass surface and equipment surface with pure water; Clean the site and affix a "clean" status sign after inspection; - Fill in cleaning records.

Replacement cleaning steps: All but the same product must complete the following tasks: clean with a clean cloth, then clean once with pure water, then clean and dry with a rag, then soak in 75% ethanol to clean and disinfect.

Ensure the appearance of the machine is smooth and clean. Wipe all parts of the appliance with a clean white cleaning cloth to remove stains and residues.


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