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Cleaning of the capsule filling machine

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Cleaning of the capsule filling machine

The automatic capsule filling machine is used for packaging of capsules in various countries or imported, and it is an economical and practical packaging equipment in the pharmaceutical industry.
Purification frequency: after each continuous production cycle; purification before and after production; cleaning must be done when changing varieties, specifications and batch numbers; after maintenance, the equipment must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
Cleaning supplies: non-snaking cloth, vacuum cleaner, brush, dishwasher, etc.
Detergents and disinfectants: drinking water, purified water, 75% alcohol.
Purification method: the sequence of disassembly, cleaning, zero first and then complete:
1) Purification at the production stage; 2) Remove the powder hopper, punch, and metering plate for washing, disinfect with a rag, and soak in 75% ethanol; 3) Some equipment directly related to medicines are dried with clean water and 75% ethanol; 4) Clean the glass and the surface of the equipment with clean water; 5) Clean up the site, and list it after inspection; 6) Fill in the cleaning report.
Remove the capsule barrel and hopper, then wash them with water, disinfect with a dry cloth, and then soak 75% ethanol in the same cloth. Wipe the cam disc with a rag, then wash it with water, then disinfect with a dry rag, and then soak the same rag with 75% ethanol.
Cleaning efficiency assessment: cleaning the appearance of the machine. Wipe all parts of the tool with a clean white cloth without stains, stains, and marks.


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