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Cleaning precautions for blister packaging machine

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Cleaning precautions for blister packaging machine

Flat blister packaging machine is to divide qualified tablets into PVC mold and aluminum foil heat sealing aluminum plastic board, waterproof, dustproof, no air leakage, drugs in the packaging machine to move the heat sealing, packaging machine cleaning procedures. Directly affect the product quality of tablets. Thorough cleaning must be done before and after each production.

Open the cover of the distribution box behind the body, blow down the dust on the electrical appliances, clean up the powder particles and oil stains into the body through the back cover, and check the location of the oil pool fluid.

Cut off the remaining PVC and aluminum foil on the machine, remove them and put them in the box for storage.

Wipe the dust and ink on the PVC guide column and aluminum foil guide column.

Clean control panel, clean upper and lower heating panel on powder or hot sticky PVC.

Wipe the surface of the forming die, the holes of the die, the surface of the blowing plate, the flour particles, and check the state of the sealing ring.

Clean the dust and possible falling tablets in the guide track, clean the brush board and the brush roller in and around the charge tank. Dust in the drain bowl.

Clean and wipe the surface area powder and mold hole of the heat sealing mold, crushed powder and aluminum foil on the heat sealing plate.

Clean the powder inside the cutter and pressing plate, check the cutter's integrity.

Clean and wipe out the surface of the die and die hole, on the plate dust.

Check the working condition of the trachea. If there is dirt inside, disassemble and clean it.

Check the connection condition of air pipe and water pipe.


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