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Common packaging machinery

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Common packaging machinery

Bag filling and sealing machine

The main processes of the filling and sealing machine are bag forming, filling, sealing and cutting. The packaging materials used are mainly film products, such as plastic film, paper, aluminum foil, composite film, etc.

Hot forming packaging machinery

According to the molding process of the packaging container, the hot forming packaging machine is divided into blister packaging machine and stick body packaging machine. Blister packaging is one of the most widely used packaging. This is a packaging method in which the product is sealed in a pre-formed blister with a bottom plate. Blister packaging is similar to blister packaging, except that blister packaging products are molded by general molds, while blister packaging is molded by special molds. The fitting package can make the product fixed, and the product quality is not affected by the collision during the cycle.

Shrink packing machine tensile membrane after guiding packaged goods, and heat treatment was carried out on the thin film, film wrapped in heat treatment of shrinking processing items, shrink film packaging machine by two rounds of tensioning, products are machine parts to the membrane, membrane seal products by sealing belt transmission, after sealing part three sides sealing, again by heating device, the wrapped products, cooling forming contraction packaging.


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