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Common problems of capsule filling machine

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Common problems of capsule filling machine

Capsule filling machines usually adopt intermittent automatic rotary motion. This is a turntable in the center of the workbench. There are 8 stops per rotation. The turntable transfers the capsule to different positions around the turntable, and each position stays for a period of time. Loading and unloading, sorting, filling, unloading, locking, unloading, and unloading are performed automatically at the same time.
Some common problems and solutions in the application of capsule filling machine are summarized as follows.
1. The vibration is not ideal, please adjust the voltage.
2. The rope is loose and the screws are tightened.
3. Place the watertight enclosure on the workbench, lifting and lowering holes, and adjust the height of the deflection plate and the guide rail.
4. If the capsule is upside down (more than 3%), the vibrator is not adjusted correctly, the voltage is not adjusted correctly, and the capsule size does not meet the specifications, please select the appropriate capsule.
5. Replace the airtight shell that does not fall on the plate, or adjust the position of the plate and the hole.
6. The mold is pulled onto the rail, the compressed spring at the rear of the rail is suspended, the deformed spring or elastic rod is installed, and the package is pushed.
7. The mold guide plate is worn and the fixation rate of the capsule is reduced. Replace the mold or loosen both sides of the mold and fix the nails to make the capsule deformed or wet. Exchange the capsule shell.


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