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Common problems with tablet presses

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Common problems with tablet presses

Slide or replace the triangular belt of the tablet press

After the belt slider stops, open the side plate and adjust the adjusting screw to fix the motor slider. When the force is applied between the two wheels, the belt should be 10-15mm lower than its original height. When the bottom of the triangle is near the bottom of the plane or touches the bottom, when the sail line is exposed to break, when the belt rubber is broken, the belt should be replaced.

High temperature automatic tablet press

Reducer high temperature: it is recommended to contact hands normally, not hot for normal. Stop to check if the radiator is blocked. If it is, clear the channel. Check if the oil level is too high or too low. The standard oil level should be in the middle of the oil level viewing window or in a clearly visible position. If the oil is dirty, you can replace it.

High temperature of motor: it is recommended to touch hands at room temperature. It is normal if not hot. If the fan is damaged or slips, replace the fan blade of the same model; Clean the inlet if there is too much air or if it is blocked by waste; High indoor temperature, good ventilation should be; Overload or long hours of work, reduced load or temporary shutdown.

Abnormal noise

Press machine on the shaft press: lack of oil, shaft wear, replacement; If the oil deteriorates or is too thick and has no lubrication effect, the lubricating oil should be replaced.

Reducer: too much load or insufficient lubrication; Gear, bearing, bearing wear. Reduce load or check maintenance.

Motor: When the motor overload or lack of power, there will be a great buzz. In such cases, the load should be reduced or stopped in a timely manner and checked by an experienced electrician prior to operation to resolve the problem.


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