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Composition and performance of blister packaging machine

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Composition and performance of blister packaging machine

Multifunctional automatic packing machine for aluminium, aluminium foil blister packaging machine, this machine has the advantage of the advantages of comprehensive blister packaging machine innovation design, driven by servo motor, PLC, suitable for drug packaging, tablets, food packaging industry, capsule packaging and accessories, electronic components, machinery hardware, such as packing, this machine have a coil open-book, lu: su feeding, blister forming, batch number printing, flat indentation, plate cutting, and other functions. The various functions of this machine, such as packing goods well, ensure safety and hygiene. Because of the advanced technology, it has been included in the national new product, national spark demonstration project development, this machine is the equipment used for pharmaceutical packaging in China, used for technical improvement and implementation of GMP production. The products are exported to large and medium-sized drugs and hospitals at home and abroad, and exported, deeply welcomed by customers at home and abroad.

Performance features Adjustable speed, no frequency conversion polarization, cut-off frequency 10-35 times /min. Adjustable stroke, adjustable range adjustment is convenient and accurate. Adopt template, positive pressure, with batch number, cutting, aluminum foil/plastic self-transport, breaking, finishing, automatic alarm and other functions. By heating the anastomotic plate, the heat loss of the heater is minimized, and the temperature required by the heater is greatly reduced. The machine is small in size, light in weight, compact in structure, convenient in operation and maintenance.

The whole machine structure is composed of base, forming mechanism, feeder, hot pressing mechanism, press machine, tractor, electric control and so on. The main gear box is driven by a reduction motor. The gear on the output shaft of the reduction machine drives the gear on the main shaft through a chain. The traction mechanism is driven by a servo motor. In this way, the intermittent reciprocating movement of electromechanical pneumatic is realized. The heating plate is thermally formed and sealed, and the main force is applied by the cylinder to move the forming mold and mesh up and down. Medical PVC is softened by heating plate before entering mold. The mold is pressurized by compressed air and filled with capsules or tablets by ordinary feeder. Aluminium roll is mainly a plastic pullover which carries microstrip paper in printing and is supported by the blade of the pullover seal with paper, which is pressed by the mold and then cut. The waste is recovered by the rewinding machine.


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