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Composition of capsule

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Composition of capsule

Capsules are mainly composed of hollow capsules and fillers.

1. Hollow capsule

Gelatin is the main raw material for making hollow capsules. Necessary additives must be added to ensure its quality. Excipients include sodium plasticizer such as glycerin to increase the toughness and elasticity of the capsule; Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose increases the viscosity and plasticity of gelatin liquid; Thickeners, such as AGAR, increase the setting power of liquid glue; Similar to 2-3% titanium dioxide, light prevents drug oxidation; Tartrazine, carmine, etc., add aesthetics, easy to recognize; Preservatives, such as master gold, provide the protection of liquid glue in the preparation of capsule molds; Aroma mild, vanilla, delicate taste, as ethyl 0.1% adjustment.

2. Filling technology

Drugs are obtained by adding appropriate additives such as diluents, fluxes, disinfectants, etc. A uniform powder, particle, or patch

After filling ordinary pellets, quick release, slow release, control release or enteric-coated pills alone or mixed, add an appropriate amount of male empty tablets as filler if necessary.

Do not fill up the powder immediately.

A drug form of capsule, solid dispersion, microcapsule, or pellet.

A solution, suspension, emulsion, etc Special capsule machine can also be installed in the hollow capsule, sealed in a special sealing way.


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