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Configuration of blister packing machine

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Configuration of blister packing machine

1, molding, heat sealing, batch number, indentation, blanking and other devices all adopt the rack-made mandlet positioning, shake the handle, all kinds of devices can easily move on the heart shaft, the machine is equipped with a ruler, convenient correction, rapid and accurate positioning.

2, manipulator traction, the use of double pendulum rod device, increase the adjustable range of traction stroke, can adapt to the packaging of various sizes of drug version. The machine to plate heating, positive pressure molding, upper and lower mesh, cylinder heat sealing, automatic feeding, automatic indentation, batch number, automatic blanking plate, simple operation and reliable operation.

3, the positive pressure air molding with the configuration of mechanical punch, to ensure that the bubble cap forming uniform crisp, suitable for large size or special shape of the packing of pills, medical equipment; Equipped with special automatic feeder, it can be used for ampoule, injection, vial packaging, etc., with a wide range of application.

4, the main drive part adopts parallel shaft helical gear reduction box, molding, heat sealing, indentation and other molds adopt nail positioning, press plate fixed, accurate positioning, easy to change the mold, save packaging material.

5, in order to facilitate the machine into the workshop, the fuselage can be divided production according to user requirements. Note: 1. Optional cursor tracking plate sealing device. 2, optional organic glass cover shell. 3, optional inkjet code (word) device.


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