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Control material discoloration of tablet press

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Control material discoloration of tablet press

Control the noise of the material itself. Due to the imperfect granulating and drying process, or the cleaning of mixing and conveying equipment is not in place, it is easy to lead to the formation of mixed color material particles.

Prevent chemical reaction of materials. Some parts of the tablet press that are in direct contact with the material, such as feeding substrate, scraping plate, powder collecting ring, scraping sheet and retaining sheet, are often made of corrosion resistant bronze material. For the special formula materials that are easy to change color due to chemical reaction with copper parts, such as inosine tablets and other tablets, the material of the relevant parts should be replaced before the test for more stable performance of austenitic stainless steel.

Prevent material friction heat discoloration. The high-speed rotary table of the tablet press moves relative to the contact material parts such as the substrate of the feeding system and the quantitative scraping plate, and the friction is formed through the material medium. When the heat value generated exceeds the melting point of the material, the material will be oxidized and discolored, resulting in black spots or color spots in the tablet, especially the heat sensitive or low melting point materials. At this time, should be careful to do a good job of gap adjustment and other work: feeding substrate bottom surface and the working end surface of the turntable gap, to do not run powder as the principle, slightly magnify the adjustment of the highest limit; The binding force between the scraping plate and the working end face of the turntable should not be too large, but it should be ensured that it is tightly fitted when dynamic; Reduce the contact area between the contact material parts and the rotating table to reduce the chance of friction heat generation. After adjustment, the pressure sheet should be tested to verify whether there is any material discoloration phenomenon, to ensure that there is no problem before the transfer to mass production.

Prevention and control of materials or tablets contaminated by lubricating oil of the main engine. If the lubricating oil of the main engine is too much or the equipment is poorly managed, it is easy to cause the lubricating oil of the main engine to contaminate the material or invade the tablet, and the black spot or color spot surface defect occurs. To this end, should focus on the following work: control of lubrication system oil supply. Adjust and shorten the oil supply time of the lubrication system (lubrication time), reduce the interval period of oil supply (lubrication interval); Do a good job of the maintenance of the tablet press, should regularly focus on checking the reliability of the seals, such as the dust sealing ring of the punch rod and the oil collecting ring, the dust sealing ring of the feeder, etc.; Strictly implement the cleaning procedures of the tablet press. When the tablet press is continuously produced for a long time, even if it is the same batch of drugs, it is still necessary to clean regularly.


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