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Control system of bubble cover packaging machine

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Control system of bubble cover packaging machine

PLC control system

Programmable controller uses DELTA product DVP12SA00R+DVP08SN, this machine is Delta SLIM host, with small size, easy installation, especially suitable for the installation space has certain requirements of the environment, has the following characteristics: 2 standard communication ports (RS232 and RS485, in line with MODBUS protocol), Built in high-speed input/output, 30KHz high-speed counter, 2OKHz pulse output, can detect external high-speed signals (feeding detection, quasi-stop detection, PVC detection), rich instructions can meet the requirements of complex programming, powerful, stable electrical characteristics, can achieve better cost performance. Because all delta products are in line with MODBUS protocol, and can easily form a communication network, through MODBUS PLC can be connected with the frequency converter, temperature controller, according to the detected equipment status and results of real-time control.

Frequency converter control

Start, stop, and running frequency of frequency converter are given by PLC through the communication way, in the picture can be start, stop, speed, speed down button for frequency converter operation, mainly to control the main motor stops must stop function, that is to say, the motor can stop is not in any position, if so then restart the packaging position will not accurate, PVC plate will have stop marks, so it is necessary to calculate the accurate stop position according to the quasi-stop detection position, so as to ensure that normal packaging can be carried out during the next restart. In the program when received the stop signal, PLC immediately detect whether to reach the quasi stop position, and then compare with the quasi stop value, such as has reached the quasi stop position, frequency converter given frequency began to do uniform decline, let the main motor speed down, reduce inertia parking, so as to realize the accurate position of the parking, to ensure that PVC plate no stop trace.

Modular thermostat control

The temperature control system consists of three modular temperature controllers, including upper heating plate, lower heating plate and heat seal. The precision of temperature control in the equipment also directly affects the packaging effect. PVC molding is directly related to temperature, and the allowable temperature deviation is not allowed according to the bubble cover molding process requirements. Therefore, the DTC1000 temperature controller in delta products is selected in the control system. The product has independent temperature control function, and has RS485 interface, which can be directly connected to the RS485 network of PLC host, and can adjust the temperature at any time according to changes. The actual operation of the system shows that the error between the set temperature and the actual temperature is within ±1 degree, and the temperature field of PVC heater and hot roller heater is uniform and accurate, which will not cause damage to packaging materials and drugs. It is especially suitable for the application of packaging materials with narrow thermoplastic temperature range.


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