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Control system of tablet press

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Control system of tablet press

(1) The electrical control of the whole machine adopts PLC controller and variable program control, which has many automatic control functions such as pressing sheet overload stop, chip hopper short of material stop and so on.

(2) The double detection of photoelectric switch and pressure sensor ensures the automatic picking of missing chips. First of all, the use of photoelectric sensing, in case of missing chip or chip location is not accurate will immediately send out abnormal signals; Secondly, the pressure sensor will also emit abnormal signals when it encounters underpressure. When abnormal signal occurs in any unit of this dual detection, the PLC controller will start the tick program to complete the tick action. In order to ensure the failure of the photoelectric sensor can still complete the detection, a second set of photoelectric sensor is added to make the core content of the chip reach 100%.

(3) Based on the core laminating machine in the laminating, more action, more detection points, so it requires the accuracy of speed adjustment and control, the machine through the advanced frequency conversion motor and frequency converter to speed control.


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