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Counting and scraping of tablet press

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Counting and scraping of tablet press

Automatic tablet counting is done using sensors. A toothed counting plate is fixed on the outside of a pulley of the transmission part, and the number of teeth corresponds to the number of punches of the rotary table of the tablet press. A fixed sensor below the tooth transmits electrical signals to the control system. Thus, the number of teeth turned by the counting disk represents the number of punches pressed on the rotary disk, that is, the number of pieces pressed out. According to the order of the teeth, the control system can identify the punch number.

For tablets of the same specification, the weight, hardness and disintegration of the tablets are adjusted to meet the requirements by hand at the beginning of the production of the tablet press, and then transferred to the computer-controlled state. The thickness and the weight of the tablets are the same. If the particles in the die are too loose or too dense, it indicates that the sheet weight is different, and the punching rod reaction of the die is also changed. A pressure strain gauge is installed on the upper arm of the upper press wheel to detect the punch rod reaction force during each press and input it into the computer. The tablets pressed by the punch rod reaction force within the upper and lower limits are qualified products; otherwise, they are unqualified products and the number of punch rod pressing this piece is recorded. The disc is equipped with a waste picker, the waste picker has a compressed air blow hole to the vent, usually the blow hole is closed. When there is waste, the computer according to the waste punching rod serial number, output signal to the blow hole switch, compressed air can be rejected pieces out. At the same time, the computer also gives the signal output to the chip mechanism, which is energized by the release ambassador electromagnetic device, and quickly draws and closes the plate baffle, blocking the qualified chip channel, so that the waste chip into the waste chip channel for collection.


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