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Current situation of tablet press

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Current situation of tablet press

The tablet press is the manufacturing equipment in the history of China's production. Tablet press specifications, quantity, is a long-term export, mass production of pharmaceutical equipment. According to statistics, there are nearly 50 manufacturers in China, with an annual output of 3000 units/year and more than 70 units of product specifications, it can be executed by pressing round chips, rigid chips, profiled chips, double chips, multi-layer chips, ring chips, chip bags and so on. It is an indisputable fact that the quantity, variety, specification and output of compact-core manufacturing rank first in the world.

In recent years, enterprises that have formed "filmmaking mechanism" begin to pay attention to product quality and believe in the business philosophy of winning by quality. According to the characteristics of domestic pharmaceutical enterprises, the variety of drugs is large and the production scale is small.

After the technological innovation, the technological content is low and the strength is not enough. At present, more than 50 domestic pharmaceutical equipment enterprises produce more than 70 kinds of tablet presses. A lot of new products come out every year. But among them the actual technical level is high, the commodity added value is high but not many. Due to the serious repeated development of products, plagiarism is prevalent, a variety of manufacturers as many as dozens. In order to survive, small businesses in the pharmaceutical equipment industry not only "copy" technological innovation, but also "copy" innovation and "roughly estimate" others. In order to compete for product orders, often take the means of reducing prices. Due to low brand loyalty, these brands lost a lot after the price war. Now, brands are losing value. If this situation cannot be reversed, the design and production level of Chinese manufacturing will inevitably lag behind. The vast majority of enterprises in China are private enterprises, which have no advantages in technology, equipment, talents and other aspects, which seriously restricts the technological innovation of enterprises. In some enterprises, r&d institutions are not sound, innovation systems are incomplete, and technical personnel lack the awareness of technological innovation. The overall technical strength of the enterprise is not strong, scientific research production technology and equipment update speed is very slow. It is worth noting that the whole industry of science and technology talents are in the "spring drought" stage.


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