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Debugging of blister packaging machine

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Debugging of blister packaging machine

The machine does not require mechanical installation. Once the box is opened and inspected, it can be placed in a flat and clean workshop for commissioning and production.

1. After the machine box is opened, first check whether the equipment is damaged, and then check the spare parts of random files and tools, which are arranged according to the packed order.

2. Before you start work, read the instruction manual carefully and look at random disks to improve your job skills.

3. Install the platform and connect the electrical appliances according to the control method in the random instructions.

4. Connect to the power supply 220V/380V 50HZ, turn on the water source and ground.

Fully automated blister packaging operation:

1. The machine has been debuged, maintained and tested before leaving the factory, reaching the qualified state.

2. Before starting, the machine must move the power on the wheel on the manual disk to see if she has resistance, which may cause unexpected loss, then turn on the power switch, press the button, let the motor included, and watch him turn clockwise in the correct direction to help him prepare the tester.

3. Turn on the touch screen plasticizer heater, heat seal heater, print heating three switches, turn on three thermometers to adjust the temperature of these three switches, adjust the temperature according to their requirements, and then turn on the water source to ensure that these rollers work in the thermostat.

4. Place aluminum foil PVC-PTP on the material shaft.

5. Lift a die press roller and remove the handle from the heat seal roller to release it from the plastic roller.


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