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Design of press die

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Design of press die

The three main factors that determine the quality of tablets are the raw material formulation, the tablet press and the press die. In recent years, the company produced a lot of press die matching, is still increasing, the three elements of the press die correct design and careful manufacturing is to ensure the machine high speed efficiency and production quality of the key part. The following is a summary of the techniques we should consider when designing, manufacturing and maintaining high speed die presses.

(1) Die design of the press machine. Die design is not only to coordinate the selection and adjustment, for example, up and down punch and punch hole, die diameter and die hole, down punch and fill protection guide, punch and die hole, and so on, but also to make the forming sheet out smoothly. In addition, special attention should be paid to the die sheet design. For the pharmaceutical companies that make pills, the question is how pills promote chewing or swallowing, improve treatment effectiveness and improve the appearance of pills. As a manufacturer of die presses, it is an important part of our work to design the die to meet the customer's requirements.

The design of stamping die generally follows the three design principles of good plate shape, good plate output and high bearing capacity to ensure the service life of the die. Successful design is the realization of these principles throughout the design process, in small or subtle structural requirements, such as die profile die cutting edge thickness, arc, arc, chamfering, and different structural parts of the manufacturing process using different manufacturing processes. In this way, the mold manufacturing cost will increase, but the quality is guaranteed. It can be said that mold design will directly determine the user's production cost.

(2) Press die manufacturing. In the manufacturing process of die, in addition to choosing reasonable and economical traditional processing methods, precise and professional vacuum heat treatment technology is the key means to effectively control its important quality characteristics. Vacuum heat treatment is an advanced heat treatment technology with high efficiency, high quality, energy saving, clean, no pollution and program control. Its characteristics are to improve the surface hardness and brightness of the sheet, and surface related mechanical properties, such as fatigue and corrosion, improve plastic parts, toughness and fatigue strength, parts deformation, reduce the impact of human factors, and so on, is the pressing process, mold quality is a crucial key technology. The company cooperates with domestic and foreign customers and adopts advanced vacuum heat treatment technology to produce stamping die. With the popularization of vacuum heat treatment technology, the quality of manufacturing machines is steadily improved, and the service life is 2 to 3 times that before. The user's production cost is very low, which has been widely recognized.

(3) Daily maintenance of molds. The correct use and maintenance of mold and related parts of high speed tablet press is a very important factor in the daily maintenance of high speed tablet press, according to its impact on the normal operation of the machine, as well as the mold life and other aspects. It is hoped that the user equipment management department will formulate the operation and maintenance rules of the tablet press, strengthen supervision and management, and make the equipment always in a good working state.


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