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Development of capsule filling machine

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Development of capsule filling machine

Capsule filling machine is a special capsule filling equipment in pharmaceutical industry. It is also an important pharmaceutical equipment such as pharmaceutical factory, health product factory and hospital preparation room. With the advent of the mechanized age and the beginning of the industrial age, capsule filling is increasingly on the road of automation, automatic capsule filling arises at the historic moment.

As is known to all, China's filling capsules are not as good as foreign products in terms of production speed, production accuracy, equipment operation stability, etc., especially in the aspects of preparation machinery and packaging machinery, we are quite different. Therefore, China's pharmaceutical machinery enterprises need to constantly strengthen technical innovation to promote the development of automatic capsule filling machine.

The rapid development of industrial scale production in recent years, under the steady national demand for all machines, has greatly improved production efficiency, leading to automation and intelligentization of various specialized production lines, especially in the field of packaging, which was once a field of labor. As an industry that is about to enter the field of automatic and intelligent packaging, the appearance of automatic capsule filling machine greatly improves the dosage of capsule filling agent, improves the safety and accuracy of capsule production, and releases more labor force.

The need for one person to manage the operation of the entire production line can be considered as the main significance of the emergence of the professional production line. The development of production not only improves the quality of products, but also improves the ability to meet diversified market demands. Nowadays, with the increasing demand of customers, people have put forward stricter requirements on the quality and performance of products.


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