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Development of capsules

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Development of capsules

The preparation process of Traditional Chinese medicine is divided into two parts: extraction process and molding process. In order to solve the common problems in the production of traditional Chinese medicine capsule preparations, some Chinese scholars put forward the concept of "granulated capsule" (such as biscuit).

Assuming that the total volume capsule is M V and the prepared daily dose is according to the formula M = P V, we know that with M, it is necessary to reduce the particle heap density required by the increase of V, that is to say, reducing the number of particles significantly increases the particle density. If the prepared particles have small specific surface area, smooth and round appearance, dense texture, not only waterproof, but also easy to package. Membrane coating can not only improve the moisture resistance of particles more effectively, but also change the external color of particles through the packaging of special materials to improve patient compliance, thus realizing the new management system.

There are various granulation techniques, including wet granulation, dry granulation, spray granulation, fluidized bed granulation.

Inhibition of crowded particle system grain of technology, the researchers described on the basis of the principle of granulation, granulation technology, collection, granulation, namely double screw pressure type granulator main process equipment, the first hybrid materials, in the soft material, again through the rotary extruding and granulating machine group, the stiffness of friction, dry, inflation is divided into four steps, and make the ball or spherical particles, the particles called intends to collect and shrinkage or compressed particles.

Compressed granulation technology can increase stack density and bagging without changing a single dose. The preparation of capsules containing little or no excipients has achieved the goal of reducing the type of tablets or capsules and improving patient compliance. In addition, the technology can effectively reduce the specific surface area of particles, improve the particle compactness, thus preventing further hygroscopicity and moisture resistance. At the same time, because the appearance of particles is circular, the actual spherical degree of high, high strength, is conducive to the coating of particles, through coating, can play a more effective moisture-proof effect.


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