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Development of high speed tablet press

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Development of high speed tablet press

The tablet press is developing towards high speed and high output. In order to meet the needs of the intensive development of pharmaceutical factories, the original type of tablet presses with the production capacity of 20,000 to 50,000 yuan per hour cannot meet the market demand. Therefore, in the past few years, domestic has developed a number of high-speed tablet machine manufacturers.

The trend towards standardization and serialization. The production equipment can be standardized and systematized according to the user can choose and buy the standardization and serialization of equipment, no matter from the specifications, parameters, parts, molds are standardized and serialized.

Versatility. The versatility of the tablet press marks the level of research and development in pharmaceutical machinery factories as well as the individual needs of users. For example: ZPW23 tablet press can press double layer tablet, ring tablet, ZPD25 tablet can press three layer tablet, ring tablet; ZPW20 pressure chip can press and pack; Zp51 pressing function pressure battery ring. These products have been successfully developed and adapted to the multifunctional requirements of the tablet press in the pharmaceutical, food, battery, electronics, dairy and other industries.

Comply with GMP requirements. The products put on the market in recent years basically meet the requirements of GMP.

Tablet press for pilot and small test LABS, suitable for lab users and small test batch users. With the pressure of various drugs and the improvement of pre-pressure requirements, with the completion of GMP transformation, the future total demand tends to reduce, especially some medium and low end tablet presses, the demand for high-speed tablet presses will continue to increase.


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